This Mobile Life Episode 2 – Part 2 With Jason Allan from Cammy

If you liked the first episode, then you’ll love This Mobile Life Episode 2! We continue our conversation with Jason Allan, digital marketing manager at Cammy with Part 2. Cammy allows you to monitor your home anywhere, anytime.

You might also notice our new podcast cover 🙂

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You can also listen to the second episode here:

We discuss the following:
1. Metrics being tracked at Cammy
2. Importance of data & analytics
3. What a digital marketing manager does day to day
4. Software as a service
5. Internet of everything
6. His marketing technology stack
7. What it was like being an early employee of Canva

Plus Jason gives us his prediction for the NBA championship!

Show Notes

In Episode 2, we mention a number of products and websites. These are listed below.

Brian Balfour on SaaSribe podcast
Lean Analytics book, Alistair Croll
Intro To Mobile Analytics Class, General Assembly

Jason Allan’s marketing technology stack
Google Analytics
Survey Monkey

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I’m out like the NFL preseason,
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