Mobile Marketing Meetup – February

We had our third meetup for Mobile Marketing Meetup on “mobile analytics“. About 25 people came to our event at Fishburners, Sydney to hear from 3 talks on analytics. I’ve written a short summary and included the relevant links mentioned in the talks.

1. Crash reporting – Giovanni from WeSync

From the demo, it showed that iTunes crash reports doesn’t seem to work very well, if at all. Hence tools like Crittercism look really useful and you can track where the app crashed, get reports and fix the issue. It looks very similar to the Crashlytics tool (which was bought by Twitter recently). Also check out Crashlog made by Aussie developer Ivan Vanderbyl (and friend of ours!).

It was interesting to see that only 2/25 people were using crash reporting tools.

2. Google Analytics – Alwin Chin from Stampii

I thought this was a really good talk. Alwin discussed why they were tracking metrics, use of google analytics for web/mobile and creating custom charts. Stampii were inspired by geckoboard to create a real time dashboard for businesses, and created custom charts using the same technology which was HighCharts / JQuery.  Also some interesting discussion in the end on NFC vs Passbook vs Paywave (creditcard tap system) vs QR codes.

3. Release cohorts – Michael from Storyberg

Cohort analysis is something I’ve come across last year, where you track segments of people from when they sign up. Whereas Storyberg are looking to track users based on feature releases (i.e. release cohorts). Its aimed to be a better tool if you are using lean startup methodology. It does makes sense to be tracking based on feature releases.

At Native Tongue, we’re currently using Flurry and you can set milestones, so we can track if features are being used. I’m not sure if we do a feature release, if we can track the usage in an updated feature though.

Final notes

I got something out of each of these talks and I’m starting to see how different startups are using analytics. I think that analytics is really underrated & underutilised in startups. How can you measure progress if you are not using analytics? You need to be able to track progress, analyse the data and adjust accordingly.

The best thing is that we’re building up knowledge in the mobile & startup community. None of us profess to be experts, since the industry in Australia is fairly young. By sharing what we are doing and the latest things that we’re trying from practitioners in the field, we’ll learn from each other and grow stronger as a group. There’s strength in numbers!


Matt Ho