Scratching the surface

After countless Google posts, I have to do something different no? Here is a new technology developed by the guys at Microsoft called “Microsoft surface”. I love it! I saw a video of it last year and it just blew my mind. It looks like its come a lot further but still is not in mainstream production yet.

They’ve invented tabletop which is interactive. Screw the mouse and keyboard experience (which is how we’ve used computers for the last 50 years). The coolest thing is how it interacts with electronic objects. It downloads photos immediately from your camera, without any cables being inserted. You can split bills at the restaurant by putting your credit card on the surface and moving the food pictures around of what you ordered.

Check out the youtube video – which still does not do it justice.

If you want more videos and info, check out the official website.  the possibilities are endless. If you check out the other vids, you’ll see that they’ve used it for interactive games with multiple users and also a chat function at Las vegas casinos (hello ladies!).

I’m out like tabletops,

Matt Ho