The Lifecycle

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Nokia's camera phone

Nokia's camera phone

Phone Lifecycle vs Consumer Lifecycle

In the world of mobile, the product lifecycle has not really changed much. What has really changed is the consumer lifecycle. Sure phones aren’t made like they were used to like my first phone the NOKIA 5110*.

Our expectations, desires, and wants have dramatically shortened. This has been driven by a culture of consumerism, faster software releases, hardware tweaks and more choice of models backed by multimillion dollar marketing campaigns. Its a culture which Apple has thrived on, by introducing iPods that needed to be replaced every year and I believe this has had a flow on effect to the iPhone.

Hey I’m no different, I’m hanging out to get the HTC Desire. And I’ve only had my HTC Dream for a a bit more than a year. My previous Nokia phone lasted more than several years including several overseas trips. Now I need more heft, cause I want to run Froyo 2.2 and apps that require more processing power. I *need” it because I have an Android blog called GhostInTheDroid. Thats what I tell myself.

I’m out like the 5110

Matt Ho

*This was a classic, no nonsense phone that still works.