The SEO Challenge with Alan Byrne from Cogmotive (S2E11)

SEO challenge

In this podcast, we’re hailing from TechCity in London! We interview Alan Byrne, co-founder of Cogmotive. Alan is a Sydney transplant now living abroad in London. We’re super excited to interview Alan as he is also a moderator of the Sydney Startups Facebook Group. I found out that when we met up that he’s running a SaaS business, so we had to interview him for the podcast!

Cogmotive’s vision is to create tools to make SysAdmins and IT Managers’ lives simple – or at least simpler – by equipping them with the data they need while saving them time. Cogmotive is the leading global provider of enterprise level reporting and analytics applications for Office 365. They manage over 4 million seats & are used in 200+ countries.

Cogmotive also uses Atlassian tools JIRA, Bitbucket & StatusPage! In 2016, Cogmotive was acquired by QUADROtech, a leading global provider of tools to manage the migration of email archives, mailboxes and PST files.

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Here’s what we discussed

1. Tell me your background & what Cogmotive does
2. How did you start the company?
3. Who’s the ideal customer for your products?
4. What does a Sysadmin do?
5. How do customers find out about you?
7. Tell me about the SEO challenge that you & James Martin from OneFlare did
8. How much is the product and what’s the pricing strategy? I notice you have a free trial and you can fill out an enquiry form to be contacted.
9. How do you decide on your roadmap, given that you are a plugin & the influx of customer requests from large customers
10. In 2014 you decided to spent the year travelling & working remotely. Tell us about that experience
11. You work with your wife in the Cogmotive team. What’s that like? Do you have any tips for other couples looking to work together in their startup.
12. We’ve been involved in the Sydney Startups group for about 5-6 years as members and also moderators. How have you seen that group evolve? Where do you see it going.
13. We’re both foodies. What are some of your favourite places to eat in London?


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