S3E2 – Designing Sydney Opera House App with Peter Chen from Beaconmaker

S3E2 - Designing Sydney Opera House App
I chat with Peter Chen, Head of Design & Co-founder at Beaconmaker. I met Peter via the Sydney Opera house hackathon which he won. Peter previously was Head Of Design at Yatango. He also has a lot of digital and advertising agency experience at Holler, Tribal DDB, Soap Creative and WHYBIN. I’ve always been impressed by Peter’s designs and his approach to design. So super excited to be chatting to Pete himself – also his twitter handle!

About Beaconmaker

Create visitor guide apps with well designed features and modules tailored for you and your museum audience. The all-in-one mobile marketing platform. Their customers include Sydney Opera House, Oz Comic Con, Australian Museum, Powerhouse Museum, BIG W, and Mirvac.


1. How did you get into mobile design?
2. Tell me about beacon maker?
3. What’s the journey been from winning Sydney Opera House hackathon in 2013 to now?
4. What’s the thinking behind the beacon maker app design?
5. Designing mobile vs web
6. iOS vs android (material design)
7. What’s the challenge in whitelabelling vs building your own apps?
8. What are some of the cool use cases of iBeacons?
9. As a DJ, do you see that a cross over between the worlds of DJ-ing and mobile design?

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