Nerding out on Pokemon Go – This Mobile Life Podcast S1E12

Nerding out on Pokemon Go

This is the final episode of This Mobile Life for Season 1! ‪I was chatting to my brother Raymond Ho about Pokemon Go over dinner. So I decided to pause the conversation, finish dinner and record our conversation as a podcast. Its titled “Nerding Out On Pokemon Go” which was the sentence uttered by my brother after we finished recording! We recorded a 35 min in-depth chat about how the game has evolved after 1 week. He’s been playing Pokemon since the Gameboy & Nintendo DS days.

It is crazy how popular it has become and its only officially available in 3 countries. We discuss the battle for gyms in the city, the rise of the Pokemon posse, lures and how businesses are using it to attract customers. #‎char‬

You can listen to it below on soundcloud by pressing play.

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1. Pokémon Go: armed robbers use mobile game to lure players into trap

2. How long does it take to make an overnight success? Story of Pokemon Go’s 20 year story

3. Google Login fix for Pokemon Go

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I’m out like Poke stops,
Matt Ho

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