On Demand Services – This Mobile Life S01E07 Show Notes

On demand services podcastI recorded a podcast on “On Demand Services” for This Mobile Life (S01E07). My guest was Ilter Dumduz, co-founder of Blys. Blys provides on-demand mobile massage service in Sydney.

I’m very excited to have Ilter as a guest as he’s worked in product management at Freelancer, Domain and GlamCorner. It was an awesome interview discussing on demand services, marketplaces, and product craft.

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Show Notes

The show notes are references to the things mentioned in the podcast. This could be articles, links or books mentioned.

  1. Prop 1 in Austin affects Uber & Lyft on demand services
  2. Airbnb host protection insurance policy
  3. Lean Analytics by Alistair Croll & Benjamin Yoskovitz
  4. 666 Roadmap
  5. #now, #next, #later: Roadmaps without the Drudgery
  6. This Product Prioritization System Nabbed Pandora 70 Million Monthly Users with Just 40 Engineers

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