Learning Python – Day 1 on Exercise Zero

My first day learning python was primarily spent setting up my computer. It took me all day to finally get through Exercise Zero, as I was chatting, surfing the web and buying stuff for the fishing trip and finally getting dinner.

I don’t think getting to a basic level of competency for me is hard. What is hard is dedicating the time and ensuring that I am motivated. So by using this blog, I can keep myself accountable.

Day 1, Exercise Zero

Learning how to use text editor called Gedit (similar to notepad on PC) and Terminal, which is where you put in your commands. I’ve seen terminal before, but hardly used it. Please note that I’m coming from a low base of zero!

Today, I learnt how to:

– setup a new directory: use “mkdir”

– change into a directory: “cd”

– save files into a directory

– list files in a directory: ls

I think all up it probably took me less than 30mins to do all of this and researching on google and reading up on Exercise Zero notes.

I’m of the belief that you just need to get stuck in. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling they talk about “mat time”, the time spent sparring on the mat to improve yourself. I think its similar with programming, you need to practise coding, start experimenting and building things.

I’m out like Exercise Zero,

Matt Ho

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