It’s Official – I’m a shareaholic

You’ve probably seen that I’ve been sharing a lot of stuff lately over Facebook. I’ve also been sharing items through Twitter, Delicious and Google reader. The problem I had was that these were all separate accounts located on different websites, so you had to log in everytime. I was looking for a Delicious plugin for my browser, but I discovered something much greater…..

There’s a firefox plugin called “Shareaholic“, which has made sharing a whole lot easier. It gives you this little green icon on your browser, and from the drop down menu you can select which sources you want to share it on (like twitter, facebook, etc…).



Its an ingenious application, which is only made possible through Mozilla open source for firefox, the various API’s (application programming interface), and the hardwork of developers. So I’m giving something back to these guys by giving them a shoutout!

Great work! Try it out here.

I’m out like Shareaholics,

Matthew Ho.

5 thoughts on “It’s Official – I’m a shareaholic

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  2. Hello, Matthew …

    Thanks for sharing this info! I’m a Shareaholic fan now, myself. Just loaded it up onto FireFox … and suddenly all this social stuff looks like fun, now, instead of work !!!

    I notice you’re using the AddThis service on your blog … I gather that Shareaholic does not yet have a WordPress plugin developed?

    ShareThis is very similar to AddThis, except that it includes email, instant messaging and texting, and Sociable is one that was recommended to me by somebody on the Thesis forum.

    Could I just ask …

    What made you decide in favor of AddThis?

    Regards, Elizabeth …


    There doesn’t seem to be a box, here, that I can check to be notified of your reply by email … is there any chance you could send it to my by email manually? I’d appreciate it very much. Thanks!


    • I found this widge had more options than the other ones, plus it was a widget people would recognise and use easily. I am aware of ShareThis and i know its quite popular but its not that common on the blogs that i visit.

      yes, thanks for the feedback on the box for comment feedback. will add that in. i’m always looking to improve my blog!

  3. Hello, Matthew …

    Thank you so much for emailing me! I’m glad you’re going to get a “notify me by email” plugin! It’s such a nice courtesy for visitors. And so is the “preview” plugin! So a gurl can see if she made a typo and fix it before it goes live !!!

    Okay, I now have a button on my client’s blog that looks just like your button! Take a look!


    And if a bunch of html just showed up instead of the anchor text “PersonalShaversBlog” then you need an html plugin, too !!!


    very warmest regards …



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