I heard there’s a new President?

Apparently Twitter is going nuts with Obama updates. It reached 5 times the amount of normal tweets. Hitwise also reported that Twitter has overtaken Digg now due to the Hudson plane crash and Obama Inauguration.

As you can see/hear/read/youtube today, it’s all about Obama. It just an incredible day, in terms of the public’s response and also the promise that he brings. I believe Obama is very aspirational and a dreamer. To be honest with you, I’d be surprised if he even delivers 10% of what he promises. A lot of people believe in him.

I haven’t watched the whole speech, only the first half and I saw the walk down Pennsylvania Ave. But man, wasn’t Washington packed today? I’ve actually been there, and the Washington monument is really really far from the other landmarks. When the cameras started close up to the crowds, I thought that’s a lot of people!  Then it started panning out, and I was like wow….there’s millions of people there.

I don’t need to say that much more as its been written everywhere. It could be the start of something great in the Obama Administration era. And I can say to my kids, that I lived through that time. He’s got a lot of work to do – the economy is in the worst shape its ever been, US troops are still in Iraq and the perception is not great at the moment. Are people treating Obama like he’s some kind of superstar politician / demi god? I don’t mean to be a cynic, but I need to see change before I believe it.

However, the future does look bright. He gives hope to a lot of people that anything is possible. People of colour and different races, they’ve had that glass ceiling lowered or blown away. We will to wait and see – what will Obama’s legacy be?

I’m out like Bush,

Matthew Ho.

2 thoughts on “I heard there’s a new President?

  1. out like bush… dear me.

    I’m coining something the social media echo chamber – the tendency for social media hot dogs to re-communicate how an event is being communicated via social media.

    But agree Obama does seem to shine the torch for hope… and I don’t have to just watch movies to see someone other ten a middle aged white guy in a suit in the office.

    have you seen the satellite shot floating around?

  2. no, i haven’t seen the satellite shot, i’ll have to google it.

    yeah there’s a lot of recommunicating (or retweeting).

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