Growth Hacking Video – Hacking your linkedin profile, reverse engineer marketing and more

This is a followup video to the General Assembly course I was teaching on “Growth hacking & online experiments“. I had a lot of fun making some videos on growth hacking for the course. So I thought I’d extend it to a followup 30min google hangout video for my students.

These are the 3 topics we discussed today:
1. Hacking your linkedin profile
2. % of users that interact with product tours
3. Reverse engineer marketing – Using WhatRunsWheremixrank.comSEMrush. This was the article I came across recently which inspired today’s chat.

Making online videos is something I really enjoy doing. This is the 6th video I’ve created for this my YouTube Channel. I’ve also done them in the past for basketball, MMA and online marketing.

If you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments 🙂

I’m out like the old Yahoo logo,
Matt Ho

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