Fun weekend with Google Instant Apps & Fitbit – This Mobile Life (S1E11)

Hey everyone. Here are the notes from This Mobile Life podcast episode
11. I had Ping Wang as a guest on the podcast.

We had a fun weekend and discussed Pokemon Go, Fitbit, Røde NT mic and Google Instant apps. We kept coming back to thinking about products and marketing!

Pokemon Go

These days, everyone seems to be playing Pokemon Go mobile game.

If you walk around the city, everyone has their phone out and walking in similar direction. Everyone was playing it. It would be strange if you have your phone and you’re not playing!

The game was made by Niantic. The premise of the game is you’re a trainer and you go around capturing pokemon. When you login using your Google account, you will see your actual, real streets around you. You will see pokemon on the streets through your phone screen so you can try to throw poke balls to catch’em all!
Pokemon Go

It is the first time an application uses location, augmented reality, a strong franchise & does it well. Importantly, it is a simple game to play. I believe it has some staying power. It has a good potential as a product since people are meeting up, going on walks to find pokemon and building a community. Pokemon Go users are holding walks similar to Instagram walks.

There has been news that people have been injured, robbed, getting into accidents, or someone was playing and found a dead person instead. There have been reports that people go to unlikely places to catch pokemon. There was an instance when people can catch a pokemon in a police station, so people kept entering the station. The police station eventually put up a sign outside the precinct, that says they can still catch pokemon even if they remain outside.

Ping thinks maybe the developers can put more pokemons in a park where
it is safer and users can get more exercise.

Check out this episode if you want to learn more details about playing Pokemon Go.

On Fitbit

Speaking of exercise, Ping just got a Fitbit. She wanted to track daily calorie output. Knowing how much calories spent while walking helps her control how much to eat. For myself, I didn’t get the Fitbit to track food, I just wanted to see the number of my steps and heart rate.


Ping’s and my personal trainer recommended the use of a Fitbit. Should trainers that sell Fitbits get commission?

Fitbit definitely helps build good habits by keeping track of activity. The Fitbit vibrates and informs when you have reached 10,000 steps. Ping likes that even if she doesn’t get to go to the gym she can see when she’s completed 10,000 steps. When at work, I sit a lot so having a Fitbit forces me to go out and walk more steps during lunch.

Ping wonders why I won’t use an Apple watch instead. I want to keep things simple and I don’t want to get notifications on my wrist all the time. Also, Fitbit is cheaper than the Apple Watch.

If you want to get one, you can find the cheapest price online first. Then go to stores and show the lowest price from other stores. Stores will usually give it to you by matching the price from online retailers.

10 episodes done = new Røde mic

In the podcast world, when one has already recorded 8-15 episodes, that is the time to upgrade equipment. To celebrate the completion (almost!) of my first season, I went to get a new microphone.

I’ve done a lot of research before we went. I chose the Røde NT USB mic. It comes with a pop filter that protects against stronger pop sounds, plus a mic stand. Other brands don’t have these at this price range.

rode nt usb

There’s a feature that you can play music from your computer even as you speak into the mic. There’s also an outlet for your headphones.

The sound is really clear. You can expect better audio for the future episodes. This mic is a good investment.

It is an Australian product. This mic costs around $170.  When I posted on social media that I bought this microphone, lots of people commented that they also use Røde microphones as well.

Google Instant Apps

If anyone wants something from an app, you are required to download the entire app into your phone. Google Instant apps break an app down to fragments. Then you can download just a small portion of the app and it will appear instantly. People can now skip the full download and go straight to just the needed part of the app. If you like it, you can download the whole app.

For example, Ping wants a recipe from With Google Instant Apps, she doesn’t have to download the whole app but can immediately see the recipe she wants.

These apps will be a game changer. It will be interesting to see what is involved to make an instant app. Will you need to have a mobile website, mobile app, and an instant app? I am interested to hear more about it from Google. I will update you here in inspiredworlds as I learn more.

I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as Ping and I enjoyed recording it.

You can listen to the podcast here


We’re out like the full download,

Matt Ho.

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