Empire state of mind spoofs – New Dorks & Sydney State of Mind

Lovin’ these Empire state of mind spoof videos……I can relate to both of them. I love how people can mash up content, remix it, spit it out again and create their own unique versions. More power to the user! It makes the songs more well known, the artists get more plays and fans are introduced to the original song. Its the remix culture!

This is the local version, Sydney State of Mind which my friend Cheryl sent to me recently. I actually heard them mixing / playing it in the Nova station. Check it!

Yeah, Im out a Blacktown, now Im in Maroubra,
Right next to the Seals, Im Sydney forever,
Used to live in Newtown, couldnt dig the people there,
With the crazy coloured hair and you can always see their underwear,

So I hit up Carringbah, did my time at bizzos,
Saw some good bands and did some talking with my fists though
Started work at Panthers, uniforms an insult,
Still remembered as the Tiger Woods of Aqua Golf

I’m out like Empire State of Mind remixes,

Matt Ho.

One thought on “Empire state of mind spoofs – New Dorks & Sydney State of Mind

  1. Love it…!!

    Yah, the version you heard in the Nova corridors the other day was the rough draft version.

    Its amazing watching our audio guys do their magic with ProTools…!!

    By the way, they have done a extended version to include more suburbs…


    Additional Lyrics:
    In Sydney,
    We all use toll roads to get home,
    It costs us fortune.

    In Sydney,
    Frontbench that controls our Premier,
    ‘Cause no one here knows her,
    Let’s hear it for Sydney, Sydney
    You can catch me up at Leichhardt at a Tigers game,

    Shit I made Tigers strip more famous than a Benji can,
    Head on to Chullora, where my crew is all good,
    We have a dead centre in our town, we call it Rookwood,

    Welcome now to Lindfield, got a mad leaf feel,
    Send the kid’s to private school’s our version keep it real,
    Light Rail, Monorail, City Rail, they all late,
    We’re not mad about the timing it’s the smell we hate,

    Find myself in Smithfield, where Harry Kewell started,
    Near the R-EE, Feeling Staree, get red carded,
    Man I got to plug, Revesby Workers is the best,
    That’s not ad’s it’s for members and their guests

    Pup and Lara, Clover’s choker,
    Every single pub has organised poker
    North Bondi’s, expensive and that’s just Italian,
    sniffing in the toilets, talk of fashion

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