Creating video content for online marketing

Online video is a very powerful medium of communication. I’ve always believed that, even more so now with the availability of better internet speeds and wifi for video streaming. Although we are taught to not believe everything we see, video comes across as more authentic, real and credible than text. Its simply a more convincing type of content and great for marketing.

There are also more channels of distribution for video content with YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, Viddy and more. YouTube has become the biggest player in this space for discovering and watching video content. Its now a search engine for whenever I want to find a tutorial, music videos, basketball analysis and startup interviews.

Native Tongue Apps Video Series

Hence I decided to create my YouTube video series on mobile apps. I’ve been thinking about it for the past few months as a way to build credibility & authority in this space for my mobile app consulting business.

I have now launched more than 10 apps in various app store (based on 4 product lines), and I’m currently working on 3 apps for various clients. So I decided to share my knowledge about mobile apps and give away some free content, with the hope that it leads to more consulting work!

My first video is on “top 5 tips to market your app”. I decided to pack in 5 essential tips.

With the video, a customer can see, hear and feel you on a different level than with images or text. Its a more powerful connection that you can make with them as they can see your face and visualise who is behind the brand.

I decided that I was going to ship my first video on 1 August along with my first email newsletter. I placed a call to Jamie Andrei and later that week we got it done, and we went through a brief editing process and turned around the video in 1 week. You have to set yourself some hard deadlines otherwise you won’t ship. I’ve got some more videos planned so stay tuned!

Putting together a video like this is not just a matter of recording the video. Jamie helped me put together a script, worked on my presentation, lighting, sound, even my wardrobe – I’m wearing his jacket & pocket hankerchief!

The fact that he has worked in digital and has domain experience also helped me to refine my video and what I wanted to convey. It took about 1.5 hours to get this video done, since its my first one. I also recorded a second video as well during that time. I highly recommend Jamie for video work and he’s worked with Amazon Web Services and CEBIT as Head of Video Production.


With respect to the above mobile apps mentioned – Vine, Instagram, Viddy, these are mobile apps that enable short form video content from 6 seconds – 15 seconds to be recorded and shared. I’m calling it microvideo as it sounds better than “short form video content”! Its quick and easy to consume.

I also came across this article today about brands using Instagram video which I thought was really interesting. Its fascinating how brands are starting to use these mobile distribution channels to get microvideo content out there. 15 seconds is also the standard online video ad unit, so there is a method to the madness 🙂

This is my favourite one which is a Lululemon video. Lululemon is a store that sells Yoga & running gear. We have some of these stores in Australia.

Let me know what you think about my mobile marketing video and what I can do to improve it in the comments.

I’m out like instagram videos,

Matt Ho

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