Create a blueprint with wireframes – This Mobile Life Season 1 Episode 10

Create a blueprint with wireframesWe have a new podcast episode for This Mobile Life! Season 1 Episode 10 (S1E10) is on “Create a blueprint with wireframes”. Its an in-depth chat on why we use wireframes and write requirements. We also discuss how we do it. I interview my good friend Jenny Hsu, business analyst from GPY&R.

Jenny has a degree in Information Technology, majoring in Interaction Design. She also has a masters in Commerce, majoring in eCommerce. Jenny is passionate about human interaction design (HCI). She has worked on products for clients such as OfficeMax, Jenny Craig, and White Lady Funerals.

We both previously worked at APD (Asia Pacific Digital). It was known as Next Digital which has a reputation for being very strong in project management and technical expertise. I want to share with everyone out there our experience, what we learned and how these apply in a mobile world. ‪

We chat for about an hour on wireframes & writing requirements. Getting knee deep into the product craft! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in making it.

Gimme the episode! You can listen to it below on Soundcloud.

Its also available on your favourite podcasting apps so you can listen on your mobile!


Show Notes References

Asia Pacific Digital Group
Pop app

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