Content marketing is the new spam

Lately I’ve been suffering from content marketing overload. Content marketing is the new spam. The worst offenders are the ones doing email automation that send you emails every week. There’s only so many ebooks, blog posts, videos, podcasts that I can consume.

With the prevalence of social media this has increased sharing and noise. More marketers see content marketing as a channel to bring top of funnel traffic. Marketing automation has also increased the volume of content and the ability to generate personalised content. But this doesn’t mean you should send me more stuff! Plus it’s just easier than ever before to publish content because of content management systems, blogs, marketing automation etc..

But hey I’m also a content marketer. I have to find the balance between noise to signal for my audience. It also depends on the value of the content to your audience. For example, I’d be happy to read Intercom‘s blog weekly because they write awesome posts on product management. They have valuable insights for me as I’m interested in product.

My friend Christian Thurston from Sporthold also has some great comments about it. He has a background in digital marketing & SEO. His thoughts were: “The role of curation, discovery and even search becomes all the more important. It’s great that a lot is getting added to the world’s knowledge but it is overwhelming.”

Here’s a graphic I made which sums up the situation.

Content marketing is the new spam

Content marketing is the new spam

I’m out like weekly content marketing emails,

Matt Ho

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