Mobile User Experience Research – This Mobile Life Podcast (S2E8)

I chat to Anna Lee Anda, UX research at Zendesk for S2E8 of This Mobile Life.  This podcast is about mobile user experience research. Anna is based in Singapore. She’s worked in UX & product. Anna shares some great insights into SaaS user research from Zendesk. Previously, she worked at Seek, one of Asia-Pacific’s largest recruitment marketplace. Anna has also worked on ANZ’s Go Money app which has millions of downloads.

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Cross platform user experience – creating a connected experience

Hey everyone, welcome to 2016! New year, new blog post. I will write a blog post later with some thoughts on resolutions and goals for 2016. For now, I’ve had some thoughts brewing in my head in the past few weeks. I’ll be writing a series of blog posts about some of my latest thinking starting with this post on cross platform user experience.

There’s been a lot of talk in the past few years about the “Year of the Mobile”. This has been happening since 2010 when I first heard this phrase. We’ve already surpassed that. Mobile is already ubiquitous in our lives.

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Car Park User Experience

I recently had an issue with my Macbook Air. I wasn’t able to hear the sound clearly when I was using my headphones. Sound would come out of one of the earbuds but not the other. I couldn’t quite figure out how to fix it, so I decided to take it to the experts – the Apple Store.

The most convenient store was the Apple store in Broadway Shopping Centre in Sydney CBD. I knew from past visits that the Apple store is located on the top level. Usually I hate driving to the city. Driving in Sydney CBD can be chaotic and stressful. The drivers have short tempers and there’s a lot of one way signs. So I had that stress in the back of my mind as I drove to the Apple Store.

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