Ranking 3rd on Google search results for “Product Management Prioritization”

Every time I went to Medium.com which was roughly once a week to read an article, I saw that I was getting notifications that people were “clapping” for my blog posts. It was mostly for a blog I wrote called “Prioritization For Product Managers”. Upon further investigation today, I was surprised to find that it had 3,700 views (all time). I was also getting these regular emails from Medium.

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Where can I learn the most? A tribute to the pursuit of perfect sushi

I wanted to write about something I’ve thought about a lot. I recently finished watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Netflix based on the recommendation of my manager at work. It was in relation to mastery. The lessons that I got out of it was on two things:

1. Constant practice
2. Eternal pursuit of learning

They are both inter-related.

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Prioritization for product managers

Deciding on what to do and when is a critical part of the role of product management. There are a million opportunities out there so how do you know that you are pursuing the right one? Life has many trade offs as does building products. Such is life 🙂

Here are some lessons that I have learned when deciding what to prioritize and why. This is a blog post I have been meaning to write for a long time. But alas it also got de-prioritized. This is what I believe in when prioritizing.

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