Take a jog in Tokyo

Mashup with Tokyo google maps and Nintendo Wii. Very Cool. It’s called Tokyo Jogging. The video shows that the Google Map doesn’t load fast enough to keep up with the jogging. The guy looks like he is running forever before he moves to the next section. However, this appears to be how Google maps work. You have to click through and press the arrow button before it moves you to the next section. 


I’m out like running in Tokyo, 

Matt Ho

New Flash Website – Stride Gum

I came across this website whilst downloading the new flash player v10. It had examples of new sites using flash and this one caught my eye. It’s got loads of cool interactive games on there like dodgeball, picking gum out of someone’s mouth using chopsticks (!!!) and more.  Nice flash microsite.

Check it out below. Click on the pic to take you to the website and make sure you play the interactive games!

Chewing the fat?

Chewing the fat?