Aligning business strategy with web strategy

The web has become a central part of our lives. Our ever increasingly reliance on email, the ubiqutous nature of social media, “google it” has become  a common phrase for finding something online. Most organisations have websites to varying degrees and eCommerce has become an option that Australian businesses are investigating. The average Australian spends 10 hours online a week. Some of us spend 40 – 50 hours online a week.

Because of this, the web should not be considered as a bolt on to your business. Rather, there needs to be an alignment between business strategy and web strategy. Much will also depend on how important the web is to your business.

Consider questions like “how will my customers find my business online”. Why is this important? This can generate new customer leads. Look into investing in search, managing your presence in online social media channels, optimising your website for organic search, and creating a content plan.

Other questions to consider:

– What information is available on my website to customers?

– How can I get my clients or prospective customers to keep coming back to my website?

– Can customers find my phone number on my website? Do I have the appropriate resources to support the customer service number?

For some businesses that transact purely online, like DealsDirect or NetFlix, the web is at the heart of their business strategy. For many organisations, too often there is a disconnect between the business plan and the online strategy. The web should not be a mere afterthought but a strategy that is planned, managed and executed as part of your business plan. In most cases, it really comes down to ROI. Having the appropriate resources, time and money to invest into online.

Given that it is the start of the year, begin planning for this now. Align your web strategy with your business strategy. Put your website and online presence at the heart of what you do.

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