Agile toolkit for product teams – Podcast Show Notes S1E9

In Season 1 Episode 9 of This Mobile Life, I sit down with my good friend Alwin Chin. The topic we discussed was “The Agile Toolkit For Product Teams”.

Alwin’s background

Alwin Chin is a Start-up Entrepreneur, Software Engineer/Architect with a passion to see IT craftsmanship come to life in the business world. A true technical specialist with numerous years of experience in Web technologies and eCommerce applications development. Alwin loves not just technology, but Agile processes and methodologies like Scrum, XP and KANBAN bringing together teams for a common good. He has experience working at Macquarie Bank, NBN, Transport NSW and as the founder of the startup Stampii.

Agile toolkit for product teams
Podcast summary

We discuss the following on the podcast:

  1. Background of agile software development
  2. Agile process – standups, retros, estimating, showcases
  3. Agile, scrum, or lean?
  4. How to manage a software team
  5. Can agile work with mobile apps?
  6. Can non-tech people hire developers effectively?
  7. Do 10x developers exist?
  8. Working with a remote development team

We had a lot of fun interviewing Alwin. The biggest takeway I got from the chat was that agile is a toolkit and you don’t have to be dogmatic in using it. Take what you need from agile / scrum / lean to ensure you keep shipping product. Create your own agile toolkit for your circumstances.

Listen to the podcast

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Podcast sources & references
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All Things Pivotal by Pivotal Software Podcast
Alwin Chin on LinkedIn and Twitter

I’m out like Game 6,
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