Day 167: Ride Pass Saves The Caltrain

Today’s mini-adventure was caused by the Caltrain that stopped running after work from about 5pm. So I waited an hour after work and left at 7pm. I was hoping it would be resolved by then.

I happened to bump into some colleagues from work also waiting at the Caltrain station. After waiting about 20mins, we decided to get an Uber ride back to San Francisco. I had the ride pass discount, so the total cost worked out to be $45 (after the $13 discount was applied). Split 3 ways, it became $15 each. So the $12 ride pass which I bought yesterday has already saved me $14. Winning! There’s still 26 days left. We effectively took a 1 hour road trip. Which is cool when you’re with friends so the ride doesn’t seem as long.

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