Discovered some old twitter accounts

I found some of my old twitter accounts today. By way of background, I discovered twitter in 2007 via an article and registered an account. But I didn’t understand how to use it. In 2008, when I started using twitter again, I decided to register 15 accounts. It was the vanity twitter handle land grab days. I also saw that @cnnbreak was acquired for $1m so I saw an opportunity there!

I didn’t have time to post to all of the twitter accounts. So I added some RSS feeds to automate the tweets via Hootsuite and scheduled the updates to space them out. However, Hootsuite then introduced a rate limit on RSS feeds. So I mashed them together using Yahoo Pipes and was able to use one RSS feed.

For example, for the @ausgov account, it contained automated info from 3o unique government feeds. I went and found each of the feeds myself from government websites or I created them. The tweets contain information from Media Releases, Smart Traveller, Austrade, ATO, Dept of Immigration, Dept of Health, etc.

I haven’t touched these accounts for several years until logging back into hootsuite again today. Surprisingly some of them are still going and tweeting away, and people are responding to the tweets.

They have these follower numbers:

@austax (3.5k)

@ausgov (1.5k)

@auslegal (1.8k)

@aussuper (500)

@royaleastershow (300).

Its pretty good considering I’ve done nothing except for @austax a while ago where I also created a blog. We were the #1 twitter account for Australian Tax Information. We were also invited to the CPA conference to tweet/blog about it. I also got invited to an Easter Show preview and my fellow blogger @jenius went to tweet about it on behalf of @royaleastershow.

Due to the names that I had, I figured they would be valuable. Also people started thinking that these names were official as well i.e. they thought that @austax was the ATO?! And when people wanted to complain about the government they would mention @ausgov.

I’m not sure what to do with them. I guess I’ll just keep them running!

I’m out like the twitter land grab,

Matt Ho