Impressive yet scary demo of Sora, OpenAI’s new video tool

This video showed some demos of OpenAI’s new product called Sora which can generate videos. I can’t even fathom what the implications are. From replacing animation / video production of short videos to spreading misinformation. AI’s capabilities are moving fast. I guess this was the next logical step after generating images to then videos, which are probably a lot of images combined together.

I really liked the interviewer Joanna Stern from WSJ and have watched some of her videos. She was willing to ask some hard questions like “where are you getting the content from? youtube?”, and “will it be before or after the US election?”. Sora is not available yet, but should be coming sometime in 2024.

Creating a culture of innovation with Shipit

I found out today that my Shipit was selected for the founder’s death match, which means we will be presenting in front of our co-CEO’s at Atlassian. For those that don’t know, Shipit is a 24 hour hackathon which we have quarterly. You form a team, build something and then pitch it to an audience made of your co-workers at your local office. People vote on it and the top 2 winners go on to the next round.

We ended up winning the whole thing in Mountain View office! Its an exciting feeling to have come first in the office based on votes by your co-workers. Now we’ve been selected in the top 2 around the world to present in front of our CEO’s. Hence its called the founder death match!

I can’t tell you my idea because then I’d have to kill you ­čÖé Its top secret haha. But I wanted to write to tell you what I like about Shipit and what it means to me.

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March Madness – Road To The Final Four

I had an incredible experience at the March Madness NCAA College Basketball tournament in San Jose. Its definitely a special moment and one to check off the bucket list to see a March Madness game. Its a college basketball tournament where the 68 top college teams compete for the championship. I have to admit that I don’t know a lot about college sports. Nevertheless it was exciting to attend and be a part of it. Having gone to college (or “uni”) in Australia, I don’t have the same connection to a college in the US or the connection to college sports as people from the U.S. College sports was never a huge thing in Australia. In the U.S its a big deal. People travel from all around the country to attend these games and they passionately follow the colleges they graduated from.

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Ranking 3rd on Google search results for “Product Management Prioritization”

Every time I went to which was roughly once a week to read an article, I saw that I was getting notifications that people were “clapping” for my blog posts. It was mostly for a blog I wrote called “Prioritization For Product Managers”. Upon further investigation today, I was surprised to find that it had 3,700 views (all time). I was also getting these regular emails from Medium.

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What I’ve been up to

A friend asked me for my podcast recently and I realized after looking at the date of the podcast that I haven’t done one for over a year. I also haven’t blogged since April. Its tough because I’ve had other priorities and that thing called life got in the way. I was inspired by my friend’s Ned Dwyer’s quick and short update on “Now” so I’m going to do something similar. Typically I would do this update at the end of the year, but why not kind of over half-way through the year? So here it goes….

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Where can I learn the most? A tribute to the pursuit of perfect sushi

I wanted to write about something I’ve thought about a lot. I recently finished watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Netflix based on the recommendation of my manager at work. It was in relation to mastery. The lessons that I got out of it was on two things:

1. Constant practice
2. Eternal pursuit of learning

They are both inter-related.

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