Why I Use Comically Large Buttons

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. No not make comically large buttons. But I’ve already done that on my food blog wheresmysauce. More on this later.

I get a lot of inspiration from browsing other websites/apps. Using a brilliant tool called Skitch, I’ve been saving things across the web that I like. Things like buttons, images, and ads.

Its not just the look. Its also the thought that goes into it. Timing. Placement. User experience. Execution.

So I’m going to start sharing more of the things that I’m clipping. I’ve done it for a while now as a note to myself. Here’s one from my Skitch archives. I came across this register button from UX Launchpad which I thought was hilarious.

Comically large buttons
You literally cannot miss this button given its size and the hilarious messaging “register using this comically large button”. We’re constantly bombarded with ads, call to actions and generic signup / enquire / download buttons. I’ve been guilty of it too. We need to experiment more in this industry and try different things. Do something that’s different to get people’s attention. This also needs to be balanced with what customers expect and the type of website/app/business.

I love how UX launchpad decided to do something a lil different. I also believe its good UX to make it really obvious to the user to know what to do next. Register using the comically large button!

I saved this in Skitch in the middle of November 2014. A few weeks later, I decided to create a food blog WheresMySauce. So I created a signup form for my email newsletter using the appsumo plugin. I decided to test out a few ideas, one of them was a comically large button. To sign up to the newsletter, you register using the button “Give Me The Sauce!”.

Give me the sauce button

I also added another method for people to sign up to the email newsletter using a lightbox. A lightbox is an box that appears which overlays the website. The rest of the website is faded out in the background. The point is to draw attention to a recommended action in the lightbox e.g. signup to my awesome newsletter!

Oversized Confirm button

In the example above, you can see a lightbox for signing up to the newsletter. I added a comically large button as a joke but also taking some inspiration from the UX launchpad button. A homage if you will. UX Launchpad is no longer using the ridiculously sized button, but still a great idea and I drew inspiration from it.

The bigger and more obvious an button is, the less likely that someone is going to miss it. So I went for the biggest button possible! I also decided to make it funny as it fits in with the nature of the blog. I wanted to add some personality to the website.

So now you know why I’m using comically large buttons on my food blog WheresMySauce 🙂

I’m out like small buttons,
Matt Ho

p.s if you like the above blog post, check out my post on Facebook remarketing ads from Red Balloon. I thought their ads were quite clever.

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