When Boyz II Men meets Asian music

First there was Eminem – white guy rapping. Then there was Jin – Asian Guy rapping. Now there’s this dude!

He’s a black dude that can sing Chinese! Fuses that Joe / Boyz 2 Men style with Jay Chou style!

It’s pretty cool! He can speak much better Chinese (that I would ever hope). 

Apparently, from what I can gather from the Youtube comments his name is “Haoge” and he is from Liberia. 

How funny are these youtube comments (spelling left unchanged for authenticity)

“is that jason richardson from the golden state warriors singing in chinese??”

“Probably noy ethnically Chinese, so kudos to his Chinese. Pretty good.”

“african people can sing everything and make it sounds good:)”

“the wrong!! the iam balck!! and black people dont sing chines!! bcz in the ghetto !! you have just 1 chance!! baby!! and G-CODE !! song will show alot of thing just write g code and press the first song!!!!NE HAO”

I’m out like black guys singing chinese music!

Matthew Ho

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