Vegemite sandwiches, fairy bread and level LL

Watching the announcement of Muru-d’s top 10 startups live. Stoked that LimeRocket and Pixcapp got in!

2014-02-02 23.29.22


2014-02-02 16.07.28

watching superbowl in berkley

home made cornbread

home made cornbread. this was awesome!

Americans don’t seem to like Vegemite for some reason….

vegemite sandwich

vegemite sandwich

fairy bread

Served at Australian kids parties and berkley superbowl parties

But they like fairy bread…

2014-02-02 12.57.40

2014-02-02 12.57.48

odwalla fruit smoothie

odwalla fruit smoothie. tastes amazing!

2014-02-02 13.26.20

2014-02-03 16.25.04

chairman bao food truck

chairman bao food truck

2014-02-03 13.48.13


I went to level LL

2014-02-03 13.41.28

This is what I found…..

What I found on level LL

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