This Mobile Life

This Mobile Life is Inspiredworlds’ podcast that explores the different aspects of product development, marketing digital products and team management. In the podcasts, Matt interviews experts that have led and worked on global brands. These podcasts are available here:


Here are the episodes. Enjoy!

Season 2

Episode 1:  Mobile video audiences shift to social networks 

Episode 2: A podcast about podcasts

In this episode:

  •  Why I podcast
  • Basic things I set up when I podcast
  • Challenges of podcasting
  • Things I learnt in doing 12 episodes
  • Distributing your podcast content
  • Amazon wants to monetize podcasting
  • Assorted mobile and website apps, equipment for podcasting

Episode 3: Shipping Faster With Pattern Libraries

Season 1, episodes 1-12

Episode 1 : Mobile Marketing with Jason Allan, Digital Marketing Manager at Cammy

In this episode:

  • Mobile marketing
  • Customer discovery
  • Conversion funnel
  • Marketing web vs mobile apps
  • Cross platform experience.


Episode 2: Mobile Marketing with Jason Allan, Digital Marketing Manager at Cammy – Part 2

In this episode: Continuation of

  • Mobile marketing
  • Customer discovery
  • Conversion funnel
  • Marketing web vs mobile apps
  • Cross platform experience.


Episode 3 : Chhai Thach from Go Reception

In this episode:

  • Coming up with the idea of Go Reception
  • Customer success
  • The impact of software as a service on enterprises
  • The challenge of focus


Episode 4 : API First Approach with Raymond Ho, Food Blogged app

In this episode:

  • What is an API First Approach?
  • The importance of API’s in a mobile world
  • How to optimise geo-location on mobile
  • How to write less bugs with test driven development (TDD)
  • Lean startup in TDD environment
  • Testing on web vs mobile
  • When should you have a responsive vs mobile app strategy?
  • News articles load faster on Facebook mobile app & Apple News app
  • A seamless world with cross platform experiences
  • Swift vs Objective-C
  • Product development process for the Food Blogged app.


Episode 5 : Marketing Mobile Games with Justin Carroll 

In this episode:

  • App discovery
  • Building brands & building a loyal audience
  • Business model of Free-To-Play
  • Why Justin hates advertising in mobile games
  • Why you need a value proposition for your mobile game
  • Future of mobile gaming
  • Why King is crushing it with Candy Crush & casual games
  • What happened to Angry Birds (Rovio), Zynga, and Draw Something?


Episode 6 : Great Products Require Restraint

In this episode:

  • News about iTunes movies and Parse shutdown
  • Developing products requires restraint
  • Get through you product roadmap with 666
  • Building your brand and your community


Episode 7:  On Demand Services with Ilter Dumduz, Blys

In this episode:

  • How to set up an on-demand service company
  • What metrics matter
  • Marketplaces
  • Product Craft


Episode 8: Faster iTunes Approval Times with Dain Hedgpeth, Skater

In this episode:

  • Faster iTunes pproval time
  • Why?
  • Impact for iOs developers


Episode 9: The Agile Toolkit For Product Teams With Alwin Chin

In this episode:

  • Background of agile software development
  • Agile process – standups, retros, estimating, showcases
  • Agile, scrum, or lean?
  • How to manage a software team
  • Can agile work with mobile apps?
  • Can non-tech people hire developers effectively?
  • Do 10x developers exist?
  • Working with a remote development team


Episode 10: Create a blueprint with wireframes

In this episode:

  • Steps for clients that want to build a new app
    • Identify client needs
    • Propose initial ideas to client
    • Wireframing stage
      Recommended tools for wireframing
  • Artifacts or themes for projects
  • Do you need tech background to build wireframes?
  • Recommended resources to wireframe


Episode 11: Where Did Pokemon Go

In this episode:

  • Pokemon Go
  • Fitbit
  • Rode mic
  • Google Instant apps


Episode 12 : Nerding out on Pokemon Go

  • Some rules about the game
  • Pokemon Go’s impact on Behavior and Socialisation
  • Some product comments about the game
  • Marketing notes about the game