This Mobile Life, Episode 1 – Jason Allan, Digital Marketing Manager at Cammy

I’ve been working on a new project which is my new podcast “This Mobile Life”. It pays homage to one of my favourite podcasts which is “This American Life“.

The podcast is about two things:
1) Mobile apps
2) Being mobile – living & working remotely, mobile office.

This Mobile Life PodcastThe first episode is with Jason Allan, Digital Marketing Manager from CammyCammy allows you to monitor your home anywhere, anytime.

Jason and I discuss all things mobile. From mobile marketing, customer discovery, conversion funnel, marketing web vs mobile apps, and cross platform experience.

You can download it on iTunes here.

You can also listen to it below – press play:

Show Notes – Links from podcast

5 Lessons I Learned From A Startup Failure – Jason Allan blog post
Jason Allan LinkedIn
Jason Allan General Assembly Profile
Finding Your Aha Moment

Its my first episode, so I would love to hear your feedback! Please comment below.

More formats coming!
I am in the process of making the podcast available on different formats. It is currently available via the Inspiredworlds blog and Soundcloud. Get iTunes podcast download here.

For those that prefer video, there will be a YouTube video available shortly.

If you liked episode 1, listen to Episode 2 where we continue the conversation about SAAS, analytics and his favourite marketing stack!

I’m out like Episode 1,
Matt Ho

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