MC Hammer is driving incredible traffic to my blog


Blog Stats in the last 14 days

What is going on with my blog traffic ? I had 158 hits today and I’m averaging close to 130 hits a day in the last 5 days. And its all coming from the following search terms:

  • mc hammer
  • mc hammer pants
  • m c hammer
  • mc hammer cant touch this
  • balloon pants

Obviously there is something going on with MC Hammer. I normally get like 10 – 50 hits a day, averaging like 30 hits daily. I’ve hit on something which I need to investigate. My most popular blog post is “MC Yammer: can’t touch this” with 500+ hits. It was actually was about Yammer, a software as a service that we use at work. It’s not about MC Hammer, though I saw the marketing connection with the name Yammer/Hammer. I started calling myself MC Yammer at work as a joke. I also posted up a lot of pictures of MC Hammer.

It’s clear to me that a) MC Hammer is a popular search term and b) My blog is getting a lot of traffic from using that keyword tag and c) MC Hammer must be back!!!!!!!!

MC Hammer & Dancejam

If you didn’t know already (Australian readers probably don’t), MC Hammer has a popular social networking site called dancejam. I first heard about it through Tech Crunch, because Michael Arrington the editor is one of the investors and he blogged about it.

Dancejam reminds me of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) meets Youtube. People post up videos about¬† dancing, lessons, and their latest moves. it’s categorised into different styles for breaking, salsa, etc.. But the coolest feature is the dance off tournament style videos. MC Hammer chooses a style (e.g. popping, a style of breakdancing) and people face off against each other and users vote for the best. Its elimination style, so the winners proceed to the next round and eventually a winner is found.

I have to admit I don’t know any more about this website and will have to look into it. It’s clear to me that dance must also be huge now because of SYTYCD. It’s brought dance back into the mainstream and pique a lot of people’s interest. If you want to know more about the history of dancejam, read this. MC Hammer is also a huge star on twitter and uses it to tweet about latest videos and tournaments. He’s got 144,000 followers on twitter and clearly is one of the most popular tweeters out there. I think only Obama, Stephen Fry, and Chris Brogan have more followers.

I’m out like balloon pants!

Matthew Ho aka MC Yammer

I heard there’s a new President?

Apparently Twitter is going nuts with Obama updates. It reached 5 times the amount of normal tweets. Hitwise also reported that Twitter has overtaken Digg now due to the Hudson plane crash and Obama Inauguration.

As you can see/hear/read/youtube today, it’s all about Obama. It just an incredible day, in terms of the public’s response and also the promise that he brings. I believe Obama is very aspirational and a dreamer. To be honest with you, I’d be surprised if he even delivers 10% of what he promises. A lot of people believe in him.

I haven’t watched the whole speech, only the first half and I saw the walk down Pennsylvania Ave. But man, wasn’t Washington packed today? I’ve actually been there, and the Washington monument is really really far from the other landmarks. When the cameras started close up to the crowds, I thought that’s a lot of people!¬† Then it started panning out, and I was like wow….there’s millions of people there.

I don’t need to say that much more as its been written everywhere. It could be the start of something great in the Obama Administration era. And I can say to my kids, that I lived through that time. He’s got a lot of work to do – the economy is in the worst shape its ever been, US troops are still in Iraq and the perception is not great at the moment. Are people treating Obama like he’s some kind of superstar politician / demi god? I don’t mean to be a cynic, but I need to see change before I believe it.

However, the future does look bright. He gives hope to a lot of people that anything is possible. People of colour and different races, they’ve had that glass ceiling lowered or blown away. We will to wait and see – what will Obama’s legacy be?

I’m out like Bush,

Matthew Ho.