To Snap Or To Medium (the lost episode) – This Mobile Life (S2E4)

To Snap Or To Medium - This Mobile Life - S2E4
This episode has a focus on social media apps, in particular the rise of Snapchat, Instagram and Medium. We chat with Francis McCarthy (Unikrn) based in Seattle and Jamie Andrei (Flying Machine Films) in Sydney. We discuss:

1. How Medium is changing the blogging game.
2. Snapchat vs Instagram (recorded before the launch of Instagram Stories).
3. The perils of publishing on LinkedIn.

We recorded it using a 360 degree video camera. So you can touch, tilt, spin and explore the video to see it in all its goodness. If you have Google Goggles, you can view in immersive 360 view. Check out the Youtube video:

We were also wearing microphones to record the audio. However, the original audio recording failed due to a faulty SD card (*shakes fist*). We were able to use the audio from the 360 video camera for the podcast. Hence we’re calling this the lost episode! Its raw and mostly uncut. It simply features a couple of friends chatting about how tech is changing the world.


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These are some of the links and resources mentioned in the podcast.

Unikrn – the ultimate esports experience
Flying Machines Film
Yahoo Takeover: Verizon buys search engine $6.5bn
Firefox Will Dump Adobe’s Flash in August 2016
Nerding out on Pokemon Go – This Mobile Life
The Enormous Power of Small Group Messaging
Medium: Home Of The Ringer
The Ringer
Medium Email Form by Rabbut
Medium is not a publishing tool
This is not a new strategy
What does Medium want to be when it grows up? More like Twitter, it seems
Francis McCarthy’s blog on Medium
Francis McCarthy on twitter

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