Programming Update – Learning Javascript

A few months ago, I decided to make a concerted effort to stick with learning programming. After finishing the SQL course on Khan Academy, I asked around as to what I should do next. Some recommended Python, Ruby and others said Javascript.

I knew I simply had to start somewhere and stick with it. I’ve done everything from going to classes, self study, attended beginner programmer meetups, downloaded videos, online courses, bought ebooks, listening to podcasts and asked friends to teach me. In the process I’ve studied some Python, Ruby, PHP, jQUERY, HTML, and CSS.

On the advice of someone I trust, I decided to learn Javascript. Javascript is becoming a more popular language & language of the future. Javascript was traditionally used mostly used in the browser. Now you can do server side & build web apps with NodeJS and AngularJS. You can also build mobile apps with javascript. There’s also hybrid mobile frameworks that use javascript such as Titanium, Phonegap, React, Ionic, Sencha and more.

Also, Khan Academy taught computer programming using Javascript using drawing and animation. I figured it would be a fun way to learn. Khan Academy was originally designed for kids. If kids could do it, so could I!

I started in Khan Academy with the hour of code for javascript. Then did some computer science courses in algorithms and internet 101. I found the algorithms pretty hard as it was taught in a different format and the material was a bit beyond my current level of understanding. The algorithm course also recommended you to start with Javascript so decided to go back to Javascript.

This is my progress to date:
Khan Academy progress
I’m 46% complete in Intro to Javascript: Drawing & Animation. They teach you by showing a 5 minute video. Then you do an interactive exercise by writing some code. You can then see the results appear in real time. Here is one of the videos teaching Mouse Interactions so you can get an idea of how it works.

Here’s another one for Boolean values. A boolean is a data type that has one of two values i.e. true or false. Its a binary value so it can only have two outcomes.

So far I really like the way its being taught in Khan Academy. I’ve been learning programming concepts such as:

1. arrays
2. text & strings
3. variables
4. functions
5. logic & if statements

I’ve also skipped ahead and starting watching videos of nodejs to see what else is possible 🙂

I’ll continue to blog regular updates about learning programming. It will also hold me accountable. I’d love to look back one day and review the journey from being a n00b. Because the beauty is in the struggle!

So next time you see me please do ask about how my programming progress is going! Or feel free to ping me online 🙂

I’m out like intro to programming,
Matt Ho

2 thoughts on “Programming Update – Learning Javascript

  1. Nice coding! I did the free Javascript course on CodeAcademy and found it helpful. Javascript was probably the most difficult of the all the courses I did tried there.

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