Stranger Things About Product Management

Whilst I’m waiting for my laundry to finish drying (T minus 20mins), I’d thought I’d pay homage to my latest obsession, Stranger Things. Unless you’ve been living underneath a big huge gigantic rock, its a Netflix series set in the 80’s. There’s an alternative….wait I should stop there. You should watch it. The crux is there’s some strange things happening in this sleepy town. So here are the 3 strange things I have found in product management.
stranger things

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The butterfly effect of decisions

One of my favorite movies is The Butterfly Effect. Ashton Kutcher plays a character who has experienced a lot of trauma in his life. He discovers by accident that when he sees something from his past, he blacks out and can go back to his past. From there, he is able to make decisions that change the outcome of the future.

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Infusing teams with missionary zeal

We need to give our organisations and teams a mission. Not just any mission. A mission that that they want to pursue with a passion. With an enthusiasm that makes them want to wake up everyday to come to work to tackle a huge problem.

We have to pick the right missions to pursue. We have to be bold in our choices.  This is because people want to join causes they believe in. Your team needs to understand why this is an important problem to solve and the opportunity it presents if it is solved.

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Pledging 1% of my time with Atlassian Foundation for CSA

The company I work for, Atlassian has a corporate philanthropy policy of pledge 1%. Its a movement they founded inspired by Marc Benioff of Salesforce. We pledge 1% of our profits, equity, product and employee time to not for profit causes. As an employee I’m thankful that the Atlassian Foundation enables me to take 5 days paid leave to volunteer. I wanted to share my experience volunteering and pledging my time to a local community organisation.

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Day 167: Ride Pass Saves The Caltrain

Today’s mini-adventure was caused by the Caltrain that stopped running after work from about 5pm. So I waited an hour after work and left at 7pm. I was hoping it would be resolved by then.

I happened to bump into some colleagues from work also waiting at the Caltrain station. After waiting about 20mins, we decided to get an Uber ride back to San Francisco. I had the ride pass discount, so the total cost worked out to be $45 (after the $13 discount was applied). Split 3 ways, it became $15 each. So the $12 ride pass which I bought yesterday has already saved me $14. Winning! There’s still 26 days left. We effectively took a 1 hour road trip. Which is cool when you’re with friends so the ride doesn’t seem as long.

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Take care of the person and the rest will follow

One day I was coming back from Church with my grandma and my mom. We pulled up in our driveway. I got out of the driver’s seat and helped my grandma get out of the car. Our house has set of stairs with 8 steps leading to the house. My mother climbed up the set of stairs first to the house to open the door for us.

Walking for my grandma is difficult and she uses a walking cane now. I helped her up the first couple of steps. Then I doubled back to the car to grab the portable breathing cannister that helps with her breathing. I closed the door and then came back to help my grandma up.

My mom came back from the door and told me me something that I’ll never forget:

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Day 115: Licensed to drive (almost)

I’ve been slowly chipping away at my setup tasks for the U.S. Its a longish list that seems to never end and only gets bigger. One of the big things was getting my drivers license.

I really wanted to get my license so I can drive in the future. Today I went to the Californian DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and passed my written driving text exam! So I’m 50% of the way there. To do the behind the wheel test you need to do the written test first. Ironically, its not actually written. You stand in front of a touch screen computer and push some buttons.


My pic of the DMV and waiting line!

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