Mobile video audiences shift to social networks

Mobile video shifts to social networks
We chat with Jamie Andrei from Flying Machine Films in our season 2 opener! We discuss how mobile video and web video audiences are┬áchanging. 60% of YouTube’s audience is on mobile. Audiences & brands are starting to shift to Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram video. We chat about the comeback of portrait on mobile video. We rant about how news websites needs to change. There’s also plenty of opportunities for 360 degree video.

This is a retake of Episode 1, as our first recording failed due to a faulty SD card! We were experimenting with 360 degree video and new recording equipment. We will post the lost episode after it has been recovered.

You can find the episode here:
Also on your favourite podcasting apps!

1. Yahoo Takeover: Verizon buys search engine $6.5bn

2. Firefox Will Dump Adobe’s Flash in August 2016

3. China’s Wechat takes on WhatsApp In Africa

Audio & Video by Flying Machine Films

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