This Mobile Life Podcast – Season 3 Now Available!

Woohoo! I’m now back with Season 3 of This Mobile Life. After a break of 1 month, the new episodes are now out. I was actually recording during my break. I used the time to collect my thoughts, do some planning and catchup with some friends to record a podcast!

This Mobile Life S3 Launch

I decided to go big and launch with 4 episodes. I’ve heard that helps with the initial burst of downloads, getting featured. I like the idea of it because if you have multiple episodes, people can download a few of them at a time and go through them. Here’s my attempt to do some marketing with some blog posts, email marketing and posting on social media 🙂

Here are the episodes now available:
* Episode 1: How he increased his email conversions by 3x with Brett Fox from Photzy (see below)
* Episode 2: Winning the Sydney Opera House hackathon with Peter Chen from Beaconmaker.
* Episode 3 & 4: Instagram stories, the Snap IPO with Francis McCarthy (2 parts).

S3E1 - Increasing email conversions by 3x
Episode 1: Increasing my email conversions by 3x with Brett Fox from Photzy

I chat to Brett Fox, co-founder of Photzy. The topic of this podcast is email marketing which is critical to building, retaining and monetising their audience. Brett is an awesome online marketer. I sat next to him for 1.5years at the co-working space Fishburners.

About Photzy

Photzy is a sister site to Lightstalking is the 2nd biggest photography blog in the world.

Photzy started as a small side project in 2012 by the light stalking team. The goal was to provide more in-depth photography training, in the form of ebooks and video courses to Light Stalking’s readers. Since then, we have quickly grown into our own photography community now with over 70k members, providing a full library of photography tutorials via a digital locker. Essentially, we’re a very education-focused version of Light Stalking.

Unlike other photography blogs and training websites, Photzy’s content comes in the form of beautifully designed, easy-to-follow ebooks. Which can be downloaded and viewed on any device, at any time.


1. How Brett was the inspiration behind the This Mobile Life podcast
2. How photzy does its online marketing?
3. Who is Photzy’s customer?
4. How often does Brett send an email campaign?
5. How some small changes increased Photzy’s email conversions by 3x
6. Brett’s 80/20 advice
7. Why email is a powerful tool for retention
8. Why Brett subscribes to both US politicians email campaigns
9. What tools Brett uses for email marketing

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Want more? Check out S3E2 here.

I’m out like the next episode,
Matt Ho

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