Marketing Mobile Games – This Mobile Life S01E05 Show Notes

Our first podcast interview for 2016! In episode 5 of This Mobile Life we discuss marketing mobile games with Justin Carroll from Monastery. Justin is known for building loyal audiences for mobile games. He has worked on brands such as Call of Duty, Mortal Combat X, Guitar Hero, Avengers, Lep’s World and more. He is based in Pennsylvania, USA.

Marketing Mobile Games, This Mobile Life S01E05

Marketing Mobile Games, This Mobile Life S01E05

In Episode 5 we cover:

1. App discovery
2. Building brands & building a loyal audience
3. Business model of Free-To-Play
4. Why Justin hates advertising in mobile games
5. Why you need a value proposition for your mobile game
5. Future of mobile gaming
6. Why King is crushing it with Candy Crush & casual games
7. What happened to Angry Birds (Rovio), Zynga, and Draw Something?

I believe a lot of these points on marketing mobile games can also apply to other apps & products. Mobile games make up majority of top apps downloaded in App Store. Mobile games have also introduced a lot of innovative business models & experiences which influence the business of mobile. If you need help with marketing your mobile games, def hit up Monastery‘s blog and newsletter. There’s some great content there.

Listen to the episode here:

The episode is also available on:
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Episode 5 Show Notes

Here are the links and notes for the episode

Marketing Mobile Games

Monastery (Justin Carroll’s business)

Twitter @justincarroll

Armello by League of Geeks

Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick

Calculating mobile game retention & lifetime value using Google Analytics

Retention and LTV as Core Metrics for To Measure Mobile Game Performance

7 year old spends $6,000 on Jurassic World Game


The Quote: “Precision beats power and timing beats speed” by Connor McGregor.

Joe Rogan Experience Discussing Movement in MMA

Conor McGregor vs World’s strongest man

I’m out like New Year Greetings,

Matt Ho

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