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If This Then That (IFTTT) allows you to easily create business rules to automate tasks on the internet. Its actually really easy to use – you simply click on the two services that you want to sync, and select some basic predefined business rules. For many of the things you want to do, someone in the community has probably thought of it and already created a recipe. It looks a bit more intimidating to use than it actually is. Just go to “browse” and start looking through some recipes.

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Here are some recipes that I am using. I’ve been running them for a few months now.

1. Save Twitter Favourites to Pocket app: Tweets containing links that I favourite I can read later on the Pocket reading app. I usually don’t have time to read it right when I see it. As twitter is a fast media consumption app where I skim through tweets. I also usually use twitter on the go. I’d like to have a bit more time to read longer articles so I will favourite a tweet and want to come back to it later. Pocket is a great app for saving links and you can create a list of articles. You can also archive ones you have read. Using IFTTT I can combine the best of both worlds with this recipe. You can find the recipe here in my public profile.


2. Save Evernote links to Google Drive: It creates a row in a spreadsheet in google drive. So I can refer to it later on.

3. Save Buffer shares to Evernote: I can keep track of all the social media links I’m sharing and there’s a record of it.

IFTTT buffer shares to evernote

4. Save Pocket app links to Evernote: So I can search for these links in evernote.

I’m also running cloudhq to sync my google drive to dropbox. It seems faster and more reliable than IFTTT. Though I need to test it further.

Hi Mom recipe!

This is probably the best one I’ve come across and the funniest. Its what prompted this blog post. I figured that most people don’t know what IFTTT so I wanted to give an intro to my readers (plus its just an awesome service).

When you check in foursquare, it emails your mom/mum that you have checked in and you can tell her where you are for extra brownie points. So you can reap the benefits of a special meal next time you’re home!



Final note

I use a lot of online services from evernote, google drive, dropbox, buffer. It feels like they are siloed. IFTTT, CloudHQ and other similar services provide a way to automate, backup and share information easily. It allows me to easily plug into and connect services without any programming required.

I’m very bullish on these services as information is become more fragmented. My pictures are on instagram or my checkins are on foursquare, but there’s no one place for me to find them. I feel like I’m building all this information in various places. That’s fine because with IFTTT, it connects them together. Its like the invisible plumbing of the internet and makes these services even more useful.

I highly recommend you to check out IFTTT. Let me know what your favourite recipe is!

I’m out like cookbook recipes,

Matt Ho

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