Home is

Home is discovering the jar of honey from Kangaroo Island you stashed away 5 months ago.

Home is going to Bankstown’s Vietnamese town to satisfy your craving for an avocado milkshake.

Home is going to local Vietnamese bakery to get a Vietnamese pork roll and a bacon & cheese meat pie.

Home is hotly debating with your brother the best place in Sydney for Laksa and pho.

Home is the sugar cane in the backyard.

sugar cane

Home is the pile of red bricks that have been sitting there for the last 20 years.

Home is going to your local public school to vote for the local council elections, but the real reason you go is to eat the sausage sizzle.

Home is finding out the house next door has a for sale sign because your neighbour passed away while you were gone.

Home is mum’s home cooking.

Home is driving in your car on the left side of the road and trying to remember the indicator & windshield wipers are on the opposite side.

Home is listening to 96.9 when you are driving.

Home is discovering the collection of hats & t-shirts you had to leave behind when you moved to America.

Home is.

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