Elevator Pitch From My Lyft Driver Max Volz

Only in San Francisco would your driver be a web developer and working on a startup.

Lyft is a service I’ve been using to get rides from other drivers. They’re not taxis or car services. Its a community of drivers. Some do it part time to supplement their income while others are full-time drivers.

I started talking to Max Volz, the Lyft driver and he’s been a lyft driver for 1.5 months and loving it. He’s also working on a startup and looking for a web developer gig.

He doesn’t have any formal qualifications in web development but has worked on a number of web and mobile apps. From games, utility apps, and mapping apps. Also has experience in online marketing.┬áIf you are looking to hire a junior web developer, reach out to Max at sflyf.com. He’s a very cool guy!

I’ve caught a number of lyft and uber rides over the last 3 days. He’s the first tech entrepreneur / developer I’ve come across.

If you are interested in using Lyft, sign up here using my referral link.

I’m out like taxi rides,
Matt Ho

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