Cheap thrills on fiverr – getting a comic of yourself

Fiverr is one of those really interesting places on the internet. You can get any task done for $5. There are preset tasks such as drawing a comic, singing a birthday tune or writing a blog post to name a few. I’ve previously had mobile app advertising banners designed and snare drum sound effects created for our games.

Ho-duken Ryu

The final version of Ho-duken

For my bday, I bought a gig for $5 for a comic graphic of myself. I decided to get a Street Fighter 2 graphic done of Ryu. I’m actually more of a Ken fanboy, but I thought Ryu suited better given he’s Asian (unlike the blond haired ken). I showed them a few versions of pictures from Google Images and gave them some profile images.




I had 3 versions of this comic done and this was the final result. The problem was that the artist didn’t have a sideways facing profile shot of me. So I submitted the below pic and he based it on that.


Here are some of the out takes which has my head at a weird angle, plus my lips look a bit big (but hey this could be the truth!).


So if you are looking for some fun on the internet and a cheap thrill, I highly recommend checking out Fiverr and ordering some $5 gigs! If you want extra revisions or gigs, you can upgrade to buy the extras on fiverr. They are usually an extra $5 – $10.

Thanks for reading this blog and wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014.

I’m out like Ryu’s fireball,

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