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Right now I’m really proud of the team that we’re building at Native Tongue and the work that we are doing. We’re transitioning over to doing more and more app development consulting work. We have always been in the business of building apps, just that we’re doing it for clients now. The core team has been together for the past two years.

I feel like I’m combining everything I’ve learnt over the past few years from building my own apps at Native Tongue, my own independent projects, working at Next Digital and at Deloitte. Today, I realised that my work experience, training and producer/account management experience at Next Digital is coming to the fore.

For 3.5 years, I was at one of Australia’s top digital agencies. I had some really good managers in Stephen Lord aka “Lordy” and Clare Owens. I actually caught myself thinking over the past few days “What would Lordy do?” and “What would Clare do?”. I always have that broader experience to draw upon for “What would we have done at Next Digital?”.

I’m really excited about what’s next in store for our team and for our clients. I know that its still a tough road ahead and there will be tough times, but we have the foundation for something special. Also, a big shout out to my co-founder James who is doing awesome work and really great complement to my skills. We also have Isabell, our designer who is doing some great work. So we have the hustler/hacker/designer combo happening!

I’m out like Edward Snowden,

– Matt



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This is the personal blog of Matthew Ho. I blog about mobile apps and product management. I'm a mobile product manager at Atlassian. I previously worked at Airbnb. I've also been an entrepreneur, starting two businesses. I co-founded Native Tongue, a language learning game company. I also previously co-founded Tapmint, a consultancy that creates apps. I live in San Francisco, USA. I'm from Sydney, Australia. Go Chicago Bulls!

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