Behaviour Design With Iz El-Bahnasy – This Mobile Life (S2E6)

S2E6 - Behaviour Design

This is Part 2 of our chat with Iz El-Bahnasy, founder of Gather. This is for S2E6 of This Mobile Life. Gather is a Shopify app that boosts lead generation capabilities for eCommerce merchants. We cover the following:

  1. What is business model canvas?
  2. What is behaviour design?
  3. How does the business model canvas interact with behaviour design
  4. The hooked model
  5. Designing with breaking points in mind


Make sure to check out Part 1 “Piggybacking On Other Platforms” (S2E5).

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Show Notes

Product Hunt
Business Model Canvas
BJ Fogg’s behaviour model
Hooked Model

I’m out like breaking points,
Matt Ho

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