AFL v NRL 2009 season launch ads

NRL has started and is now in round 2, and the AFL is about to kick off. What better way than to show case both season launch ads. Now I’m not an AFL fan, other than a Sydney Swans supporter by virtue of being from Sydney. However, I do  think that the AFL ad is better. C’mon NRL, step yo game up!


AFL Season Launch Ad 


NRL Season Launch Ad 


I’m out like the offseason, 

Matthew Ho

4 thoughts on “AFL v NRL 2009 season launch ads

  1. rehabilitated says:

    I had a smile on my face when I saw the AFL ad, but the NRL’s doing a better job interms of understanding their target… every bloke wants to be a good Dad and it’s the family heartland where support, particularly membership is driven from

    But the AFL ads always have a better soundtrack and less cheese

  2. Interesting, I would say NRL are trying to manage a very poor reputation … and AFL trying to get people talking and coming out in tough times.

    Is these part of the fail blog to?

  3. @ soul of sydney – i haven’t seen the state of origin ads, but i generally like them as long as they have big hits in there!

    @rehabilitated – yes, the AFL ad looks more slick but the NRL is more family orientated

    @nextbrett – its just unfortunate that NRL has a lot of bozo players that get drunk and ruin its reputation. every week there seems to be a new scandal. and no, its not part of the fail blog =)

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