Adding Facebook Like button to WordPress blog

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I’ve added some new plugins into the blog which you may notice including the Facebook Like button.

I have wanted to add this since Facebook introduced this feature a few months ago. It allows you to “like” a webpage and notify your facebook friends. Its great because its a personal recommendation and so easy for users to undertake this action.

I thought that I needed to paste some code into the css/html settings. However, the wordpress open source community has created an easy plugin that only requires a few clicks. The thing I love about WordPress hosted blogs is the access to the treasure trove of plugins which do not require any technical ability to install. I’ve long been an advocate of simple, easy and low tech solutions.

Adding the Facebook Like button

These instructions are only for wordpress hosted blogs (as this is what I use). These are the blogs that have been installed onto a server. For example, it does not include the ones that end in “”.

1. Search in the plugins section for “Facebook like”. There are a number of options. I chose the first in the list by Ahmed Hussein as it had the most installations. This gave me confidence as approximately 27,000 other people had done it.

2. Click install. It should automatically activate the Facebook Like plugin (too easy!).

3. You will be asked to fill out some settings. Firstly, you need the AppID for XFBML version.  Click “Don’t have one”. As long as you have a Facebook login (i.e. an account), it will connect automatically when you use your FB credentials.

4. You are required to enter your site name and site URL. For the URL ensure you have a “/” e.g.

Facebook Application Key

I’ve installed it on two blogs, and both times it did not seem to connect on the first try. However, it actually did it. If you refresh, you can try it again. Then get the API code and paste it into the Facebook Like settings on your blog.

5. Other settings to choose (see pic below):

Facebook Like WordPress Settings

  • Decide whether you want to show the like button on homepage, posts, or pages. I’ve gone for homepage and posts.
  • Before or after content. I generally like to have it “after content”. So when you are finished reading you can hit the button.
  • I have chosen not to display faces i.e. facebook profiles. I would prefer to remain anonymous, and I suspect most people would too on a public site. It just becomes a numbered count i.e. “2 people like this”.
  • I’m using the standard “like” rather than “recommend” text.

How easy is it to install the Facebook Like button!

If you like this post hit the facebook like button =)

I’m out like Myspace,

Matt Ho.

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