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My name is Matthew Ho and I am a Chinese Australian entrepreneur based in Australia. I’ve previously worked at NextDigital, Deloitte, Airbnb.

Please note that the views presented on this blog are entirely my own intellectual property.

Tech 23, Slattery IT, 2012

Presenting at Tech23, 2012

I began my career working at Deloitte, one of the world’s largest consulting firms and progressed to senior analyst. It gave me invaluable business experience. After several years, I decided to take a career break and ultimately made a career change into the digital industry. I believed that this area was growing, it interested me and there were opportunities.

I then worked for Next Digital, an agency based in Asia-Pacific region. It was considered Australia’s largest digital agency. I was firstly a digital producer and then became an account manager with a speciality in eCommerce working on some of Australia’s largest retail brands. I also have experience working on mobile, websites, email marketing and social media marketing.

I have always had a strong interest in entrepreneurship and startups. In 2009, I co-founded Jobcrunch, a job news aggregation & community website with some friends.

In 2011, I entered Australia’s first startup weekend competition held in Melbourne. My idea to create language based games won the title and I am now dedicated to pursuing this idea full time. I am a co-founder in Native Tongue, a startup focused on creating language games for mobile, and mobile app development.

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In my spare time, I’m often playing basketball, attending hip hop concerts, hanging out with friends, or helping out in my local church.

The meaning behind Inspired Worlds

People ask me why I chose the name “Inspiredworlds”. The idea is that each of us have our own inspirations. By letting you into my world of online, creativity, digital media, I hope to inspire other people to share their thoughts and knowledge.

Peace Out,

Matthew Ho

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