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Cain vs JDS

Cain vs JDS

I love the confidence of Javier Mendez, Cain Velasquez’s MMA Coach on the upcoming JDS vs Cain fight:

“I see the fight playing out more or less like that last one; different type of scenario but same type of thing. The pressure is on and Junior is doing his best to try and finish Cain. That’s the only way Junior can win is to try to finish him. He’s not going to win a decision; he’s not going to win a round.

via UFC 166: Velasquez Coach Says JDS Will Not Win A Single Round Tonight In Main Event MMA News

Wow, killer quote! I’ve highlighted the part in bold that I really like. Boxing and MMA are those sports where you need supreme confidence in yourself. Its a one on one battle. Its as much about mental strength as physical strength. Anderson Silva used to defeat opponents before they even stepped into the ring. Same with the great Ali as well.

Cain vs JDS

Cain & JDS throwdown

I heard about one basketball game where Michael Jordan started counting down from the number 40 every time he scored. He’d score one basket and say “38” to his opponent. Scored again and said “36”, “34” and continued. Then his opponents figured it out. It showed the level of confidence he had in himself. Even though his opponents knew what he wanted to do, there was nothing you could do to stop him. He ended up with 42 points that night.

If you read this blog, you’ll probably know that I’m a huge Chicago Bulls fan. I saw this quote today from the Pacers vs Bulls preseason game and a quote from Tom Thibodeau really struck a chord with me:

“We have the capability to be an excellent rebounding team, but we need everybody to rebound. You have to hit, you have to fight, you have to pursue, and that takes work and multiple effort and it takes heart. And when you play this game you have to play with an edge.”

A lot of these quotes remind me of startups, but also of life. If you want to do anything well and be successful, you have to fight for it. You have to pursue it. The times you see success, its only 1% of the time. People don’t realise the other 99% of the time was spent struggling, training, and working your butt off when no one was watching. Very few startups hit it out of the park immediately. Just like no boxer is punching out people on the way to the top and not putting in work. I was talking to some people at my church yesterday, and they were saying that the top high school swim squads will wake up at 5am daily, and train 7 times a week.

Even though boxing is a puglistic sport, I remember watching an interview with Mike Tyson. The interviewer said “you had a powerful punch, you could knock people out with one punch”. But Mike corrected him and said “In my younger days, I was trying to knock everyone out. But its not the strongest fighter that wins. Its the smartest fighter.“.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson – more than punching power!

Even if you watch his earliest fights, Mike was a very technical fighter. It wasn’t just about power and strength. The combination of hand speed, power, footwork, movement, technique and aggression was unmatched. It requires talent but also training, hard work and smarts. Obviously, the smart thinking and training went out the window when he took that bite.

Btw I’m rooting for Cain to win! I saw him fight at my first live UFC event in Sydney, Australia. It only lasted one minute but I still saw the current Heavyweight Champion fight and win 🙂

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