Air Force 1’s

This is a cool upcoming doco about Air Force 1’s, probably the most famous sneaker out there, along with Chuck Taylors, Jordans, Nike Air Max and Tigers!

I must admit I have a pair of Cloverdale Park 25th Anniversary Edition Air Force 1’s. They are actually a bit tight, making them a bit uncomfortable and they are kinda heavy. But that’s more a sizing issue as they only had limited sizes when I bought them at the Nike Factory.

There’s a lot of documentaries about Nike Air Force 1. This particular documentary is part of WBF (World Basketball Festival) in New York which is sponsored by Nike. This looks like an awesome 4 days of celebrating the best sport in the world (MMA/UFC is second).

Nike also created this series of online docos called 1Love, which highlights the 5 boroughs in New York (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Manhattan). They also have a video for Harlem, but I don’t think Harlem is a borough, and there’s no video for Manhattan. But enjoy nonetheless!

If you want to check more video’s look here:

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Top 100 Air Force 1 (Prolly my most favourite video, especially part 2)