1,001 podcast subscribers!

Last night, I got home really late on a Friday evening. I did what I normally do every few days and I checked my podcast subscriber numbers. It’s a spreadsheet I’ve created that aggregates my RSS subscriber numbers from Soundcloud. It showed the following numbers.

subscriber channels

Subscriber channels

To my surprise, the podcast now has over 1,000 subscribers!

My mission for the podcast is to share the interesting conversations & insights on mobile that I have everyday with my friends and people in the industry. I wanted to open up that world so that others could have access to it.

Its been a passion project which I work on after work and on the weekends. I recorded my first podcast in late October 2015, almost 11 months ago with Jason Allan from Cammy. I’m now done 18 episodes. The quality has also vastly improved since then.

Here’s a graph below showing the rise in the past 3 months. It kinda looks steeper right 🙂

1000 Subscribers

The purple line is Apple iPad and the red line is Apple iPhone. I haven’t worked out exactly what Mozilla is. I did read on soundcloud community forums that it could be other apps consuming Mozilla RSS feed.

When I get some more time, I’ll share some insights and learnings to getting to 1,000 subscribers. In the meantime, check out this page to listen to This Mobile Life podcasts 🙂

I’m out like subscriber 1,001
Matt Ho

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