How Do I Reach My Customers On Mobile Presentation


I presented at the inaugural Sydney Mobile Marketing meetup on 26 March 2015. It was a lot of fun. I spoke about our journey and how we got to 500k users.

I met lots of great folks interested in mobile. I ran a similar meetup a few years ago, and we could regularly pull 10 – 25 people. But this new meetup which was the first one had 90 people registered and about 50 turning up. It just shows the level of interest and awareness about mobile now.

Here are the slides from the presentation. Enjoy!

Speaking at Sydney Mobile Marketing Meetup


Hi folks,

Its a sunny day in Sydney today. Sunlight is streaming through my work office and its nice outside at 24 degrees. I’m looking forward to speaking tonight at the Sydney Mobile Marketing Meetup.Its run by a good buddy of mine Michael Correa of PocketMath.

The topic is “How do I reach my customers on mobile? What does all the new technology mean?”

I’ll be covering the following:

  1. The differences between mobile apps & web
  2. How we got to 500,000 users
  3. App Store Optimisation tips & tactics
  4. Mobile Analytics

There’s close to 100 people registered already. Its the first event being run and should be awesome! Dale Carr from mobile advertising network LeadBolt will also be speaking.

The event is at Xpand Event Space which is located next to Sydney Theatre on Hickson Rd. It starts at 6.30pm.

RSVP here

Hope to see you there!

If you have specific needs around mobile app marketing, I also offer consulting services. Please contact me here.

Car Park User Experience


I recently had an issue with my Macbook Air. I wasn’t able to hear the sound clearly when I was using my headphones. Sound would come out of one of the earbuds but not the other. I couldn’t quite figure out how to fix it, so I decided to take it to the experts – the Apple Store.

The most convenient store was the Apple store in Broadway Shopping Centre in Sydney CBD. I knew from past visits that the Apple store is located on the top level. Usually I hate driving to the city. Driving in Sydney CBD can be chaotic and stressful. The drivers have short tempers and there’s a lot of one way signs. So I had that stress in the back of my mind as I drove to the Apple Store.

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In 2015


Some very telling insights

In 2015 Alibaba, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb

The only way to do great work is to love what you do


Love what you do

Why I Use Comically Large Buttons


This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. No not make comically large buttons. But I’ve already done that on my food blog wheresmysauce. More on this later.

I get a lot of inspiration from browsing other websites/apps. Using a brilliant tool called Skitch, I’ve been saving things across the web that I like. Things like buttons, images, and ads.

Its not just the look. Its also the thought that goes into it. Timing. Placement. User experience. Execution.

So I’m going to start sharing more of the things that I’m clipping. I’ve done it for a while now as a note to myself. Here’s one from my Skitch archives. I came across this register button from UX Launchpad which I thought was hilarious.

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What A Malaysian Restaurant Owner Taught Me About Focus


A few weeks ago, I was heading to Strathfield to eat Korean food. Strathfield is a Korea town in Sydney with a lots of Korean restaurants. Specifically I was craving KFC, also known as Korean Fried Chicken.

It was getting late, about 9pm on a Friday evening. It was impossible to find parking on the surrounding streets. After driving around for a while, I parked at Strathfield Plaza shopping centre. On the main strip, there’s a couple of Korean restaurants that do this dish so I knew where I was going to head.

In the back of my mind, I knew it was late in the evening. Based on my prior experience, I knew it would take some time for the food to arrive and I dreaded the wait. As we walked through the shopping centre, I walked past this restaurant. Something about it caught my eye.

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Awarded Australia’s Top 20 Best Business Blogs by Smart Company!


I have some fantastic news. SmartCompany awarded inspiredworlds as a top 20 Best Business Blog in Australia! You can read it here – we’re #18. Here’s the big ol badge they gave me below! I also permanently stuck it on the blog on the right hand side.

SmartCompany Top 20 Best Business Blogs

I’m definitely humbled by it. I’ve been toiling away on this blog for years. I haven’t been the most consistent blogger, posting sporadically when I have time. As I’m running my consultancy Tapmint which makes mobile apps and Native Tongue which creates language learning apps. If you are interested in mobile apps, check out the tapmint blog where I am also blogging frequently.

Inspiredworlds started as a personal blog to share things that inspired me, in the hope that it would inspire other people. I’ve also narrowed that focus to the things that interest me which are primarily the intersection of digital and business. I’ll definitely be more motivated to post regularly now with the SmartCompany award. I have to live up to this reputation!

I started this blog because I was new to the technology industry. I didn’t know many people in the digital space 7 years ago. I started going to events and networking. Meeting new people in the industry, sharing ideas and thoughts. Not much has changed :) I don’t go to as many events but I still love writing. I believe that a blog is a great platform to share and meet more people. Its a more scaleable platform for my voice and engage with others. It can also be a place to share my experiences and my expertise. Its uncensored because YOU can write whatever you want and press publish. Then its available to the whole world.

If you would like to receive more award winning Australian best business blog content, then sign up to my email list :) I send out a fresh newsletter once a month, including the latest updates on this blog.

I’m out like the Oscar Awards,
Matt Ho